Creating Delightful
Customer Experiences

Simplifying & improving customer engagement by leveraging
technology, automation & insightful analytics.

What is OCEAN?

OCEAN is a product from Route Mobile that has been carefully developed with a primary focus on Omnichannel Customer Engagement and Experience. Throughout the conception, development, and launch of OCEAN.
We strive to develop meaningful relationships with our customers from:








Now, with Route Mobile’s extensive, rich experience over the last 2 decades in the communication space, we are committed to helping organizations transform themselves in their user engagement journey
OCEAN aims to bring the power of the latest technologies in Deep Analytics, Insights, Automation, and AI/ML to enable targeted reach and maximum utilization of budget planning.


We treat all employees like family; allowing them prosper and be appreciated. Celebrating every success as a team.


We are a talent driven company that promotes energetic, innovative, performance driven & fun environment to deliver high quality service to its customers.

Our Values


We strive for simplicity, Route Mobile encourages working in collaboration with its customers, partners and suppliers to improve processes.


We focus on delivering effective solutions which fetches best results for businesses; showcasing its creativity & reliability.


We advocate for trust in all aspects. From offering unparalleled customer services to encouraging employee curiosity & openness to learn new things.

Leadership Team

Rajdipkumar Gupta

Managing Director & Group CEO

Sandipkumar Gupta

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Milind Pathak

Chief Business Officer - Route Mobile

Rainer Viertel

CEO and Co-Founder, Masiv

Joe Emmanuel

Vice President, Products - Route Mobile

Nicolas Botero Mejia

Director - Masiv