Omnichannel Experience Automation Network

A Personalized Omnichannel Suite for Better CX

Create Myriad Communication Opportunities with OCEAN

‘OCEAN’ is Route Mobile’s first-of-its-kind Personalized Omnichannel Customer Experience Suite that enables enterprises to unify their customer communications across mobile, web & social channels.


Greater Synergy

Better synergy across channels by engaging with consumers on their most preferred channels, with personalized messaging

Global Reach

Enhance your brands’ reachability by delivering seamless CX regardless of your customers’ location

Security & Encryption

Secure user metrics and cross-platform communication with encrypted data traveling through the channels

Advanced Analytics

Refine targeting of precise customer segments through historical data analytics to create new & relevant experiences for your customers

Smart Segmentation

Analyze consumer data, segment them according to their intent, and provide real-time insights to enrich brand communication

Holistic Database

Data can be collected and analyzed from varied channels and systems to give a 360-degree view of each customer


Multi-Number Support

Allows for multiple phone numbers to be associated with a single user account, across various channels within the OCEAN platform

Centralized Template Manager

Efficiently manage multiple channels templates, & improve campaign scheduling, with timely status updates

Conversational AI

Build custom chatbots with a codeless drag-and-drop solution through flow-builder tool over web, social & mobile channels conveniently

Omnichannel Capability

Eliminate silos & unify customer data through an open architecture API that drives engagement

Campaign Orchestrator

Improve campaign performance and monitor real-time status updates, consistently across all channels

Cloud Hosted

Organize & maintain multimedia or campaign-relevant files in a structured format for frequent usage securely

How Crucial is an Omnichannel Communication Strategy for a Brand's Success?

Brands that have an effective Omnichannel Customer Engagement strategy in place, retain 89% of their customers, while others manage to retain just 33% of their customers on average.

Use Cases

Expanded Reach

Banks and financial institutions can leverage OCEAN to share account updates, transaction details, notifications, and other vital information through Omnichannel communication using Email, WhatsApp, RCS, and SMS simultaneously.

Improved Notifications

Keep customers informed about their purchase order delivery with real-time updates. Notify them of any upcoming discounts in advance through multiple communication channels or their preferred channel of choice.

Swift Customer Resolutions

Effectively address customer complaints with automated conversations through Chatbot integrations, or easily transfer the conversation to a live agent for further assistance.